The Magic of Intention Candles

The Magic of Intention Candles

Lighting a candle serves different purposes for many people. For some, it can be a way to fragrance a room or to set a particular mood or ambiance at home. For others, it can be an offering to imbue prayers and to honor a Higher Being. Candles are used for many occasions, some as symbols in rituals or certain ceremonies and some for celebrations. Take a wedding, for example. You might have seen candles at the altar or in the aisles. This is not simply for “style” or to illuminate and add elegance to the place but rather as a symbol of hope for a happy marriage. On birthdays, have you ever wondered why you blow out candles on a cake? It is actually believed that candles on a cake symbolize or celebrate the passage of time.

With all this special energy, symbolisms, and divine elements connected to the act of lighting candles, it’s no wonder that people have now discovered the power of intention candles. While the history of the specific use of a candle for intentions may seem a little out there, you’ll find the magic just as bright as the fiery essence. If you are intrigued and want to learn more then sit back and relax as we take a deeper look into the magic of intention candles and how to make them.

Intention candles can help bring inspiration and healing and assist in creating a vision for life.

People of all faiths and walks of life use intention candles as a way to attract wishes and desires. Here’s what many believe happens when you light an intention candle. The magic of a candle illuminates the intention you send and meditate for, it releases it outwards into the universe. It’s a manifestation practice that broadcasts the energy you send and want to receive in return. Anything you cast or put out there is what you receive.

On a symbolic level, lighting a candle represents the five elements: earth, water, air, fire and spirit. The wick and base signify earth and are vital for keeping the flame steady. The wax moving from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas, emulates the trans-mutational properties of the water element. The air is crucial for both keeping the flame lit and extinguishing it. Then the flame, element of rebirth, represents passion and willpower. And the spirit is us when we focus our intention to the candle and infuse it with our soul and energy.

Some believe that an intention candle can deliver a miracle. Why not make one and see for yourself!

How to make an Intention Candle

What you’ll need;

• For making the intention candle we will use The Candle Maker from Chandler & Me. This is the easiest and safest way to make your candle, there’s no pots and pans or boiling water involved and you can make the candle in just about any room.
• A pre-measured amount of soy wax and fragrance plus a candle jar and a wick with a wick sticker. You can buy these items in a pre-measured kit from Chandler & Me or you can measure and use your own ingredients. The kits will give you a great result, they also come with the Starter Pack.
• Intention charms to add to your candle, such as a penny for financial goals, rose petals for love, crystals for enlightenment, precious stones for mindfulness, trinkets that symbolise what you wish to attract into your life.
Safety caution: If you have intention charms that are flammable, keep them out of the candle and place them next to your finished candle, on a tray, during your intention candle burning.

Before you start;

Take time to clear your mind of any negative energy you may be carrying with you. A few deep breaths, a quiet moment, meditation, a bath or shower can help clear your energy. Create a calm space to make your intention candle, it should be free of distractions and disruptions so that you can focus on your intentions. The great thing about using The Candle Maker to make your intention candles is that it can be used almost anywhere there is a power point; you are not limited to the kitchen.

Now begin;
  1. Tip the soy wax flakes into The Candle Maker and press the button to start the melting process. Begin to appreciate the transformation that is taking place with the melting of the natural wax and your own transformation of moving toward your intentions and goals.
  2. As your wax is melting you can begin to prepare your candle jar…..cleanse the jar by wiping it out with a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris, make sure the jar is clean and dry.
  3. Now, using the wick sticker, stick the metal end of the wick to the center of the base of your jar. Press it down using your fingers or a wooden wick holder.
  4. Place the cotton wick through the hole in the wooden wick holder and gently pull the wick so it is standing tall. Clip it in place with a clothes peg or you can just wrap it around the end of the stick. You want to keep the wick tall and straight.
  5. By now your Candle Maker may be alerting you that it is time to add your fragrance. If so pour in all of the pre-measured amount and enjoy the sensation as your sense of smell takes in the new sensations, perhaps unlocking wonderful memories. Take a mental note of this feeling, whenever you light your candle you will smell this scent and it will unlock your memory and promote your intention. Now, press the button and begin the mixing process.
  6. While your Candle Maker is mixing it is time to prepare your intention charms. If you are putting them in the candle jar now is the time to do so. Close your eyes and slowly focus your attention, using your mind’s eye to visualize your goals and what you’d like to manifest with this charm. Imagine how it will feel when you realize your dream.
    Connect this feeling with the wonderful scent your smelling while your candle gently stirs. Once you’ve fully captured that feeling and have visualized your wish and goals, gently place the charm in your jar. Wait, quietly, until your Candle Maker alerts you it is time to pour the wax.
  7. When the unit alerts you, gently lift the pitcher from the unit and slowly but surely pour in all the wax….all the while visualizing your dreams and goals. The more positive energy you put into the pouring process, the stronger your intentions will be.
    If you have charms that you wish to sprinkle on top (non flammable of course) now is the time to do it. Again focus your attention and feel what you’d like to manifest with this charm.
  8. Once done, stop and take a moment to lock in all the goodness and potential that you have created. Now let your candle sit, undisturbed, for at least 48 hours before you are ready to light it and release those intentions to the universe.

Tip: You might end up making a few different candles so you’ll want to remember what is what. Make a label that lists the intentions in your candle, tie it with a tag or stick it to the base of the jar.

Intention Candle Ritual

Now that you’ve made your intention candle it is time to release its energy and bring your intentions to life!

Each time you light your candle it helps to pause and reflect and to even read your intentions out loud – as many times as you like – light your candle and smell that wonderful scent; this association of smell, thoughts, and memories will help to reconnect you with your intentions.

Let your candle burn as much as long as you want, but on the first burn always allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of your jar.  When it is time to put the candle out, simply place the lid on top or use a candle snuffer. Never blow out the candle. When you extinguish your candle again take time to appreciate your life and reaffirm your intentions.

We hope this intention candle process helps you in life. Please remember that making intention candles is not an easy fix or a permanent solution for any of life’s challenges. The intention candle is a special ritual that performs simply as a messenger to deliver your goals to the world. You are putting yourself out to the universe and inviting that which you want in your life. But be sure you’re ready to work toward your goals and be open to receiving what the universe sends back to you.

If you don’t have a Candle Maker yet you can buy one here and get started making your intention candles.

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