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The Candle Maker is the easiest way to make retail-quality soy candles at home. With no experience and no fuss you can make beautiful scented candles in just 20 minutes. Enjoy smooth tops, great scent throw, and the satisfaction of creating natural soy candles for home, gifts and more. Start your candle making journey today, it’s so easy!

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Lemongrass and Ginger Fragrance

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Perfect for keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean!

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Recent Reviews

  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus by Caitlin Pendreigh
    Best appliance I have brought for my small business. So easy to use. Game changer. Tells you when to add your fragrance. Love it. Definitely going to buy another one
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus by Sarita
    This is a really useful product. Allows me to make samples or a few candles without having to set up for full on production. Love it!
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus by Karen
    This is now my 3rd one of these I own. It makes the process of making my candles so much more enjoyable. Wish I had found them earlier.
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus | Starter Pack by Debbie-Lee Cairns
    Awesome product and love the easy how to use instructions. My order was processed and delivered to my door promptly. Great service and totally recommend
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus by Donna
    Very impressed with my new purchase, it’s so easy to use as it does all the work for you. I would highly recommend this machine, thank you Chandler & me ❤️
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus by Donna
    My husband bought this product for me, wow what an amazing piece of equipment to use…this makes candle making a breeze, thank you Chandler & me.
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus by Vera Milan
    My candle maker is an amazing tool for making candles be perfect every single time. Don't know why I didn't come across this product earlier which has made my life so much easier and enjoyable when making candles. Thank you Chandler & me. I'll be visiting your website frequently to see what other great products you stock.
  • The Plus Candle Maker The Candle Maker +Plus | Starter Pack by Melissa Hall
    Totally love ❤️ my Candle Maker +Plus Starter Pack - Came with full, easy instructions along with my choice of Fragrance & Jar to get me started. Absolutely stoked with the Products that Chandler & Me have to offer. Delivery was very quick. I’ll be purchasing everything I’m needing for my Candle Making Business.

Learn and Create Candles at Home

Our classes are perfect for the beginner wanting deeper knowledge

Soy Tealight

Candle Kit

Extend your candle range

The Candle Maker doesn’t just make soy candles it can also make soy tealights, which can be used as decorations or with soy melts.

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Our 6 pack candle making kit is ideal for making candles and giving them away as gifts. It comes with everything you need to make 6 beautiful soy candles.
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