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  • The Candle Maker +Plus The Candle Maker +Plus by Carleen Sanchez
    Making candles is so fun and with this wax melter it is super duper easy. I love how it spins the wax and fragrance around for you and tells you when it’s ready. Made things super easy for this candle making beginner. Thank you! -Carleen
  • The Candle Maker +Plus The Candle Maker +Plus by Sue Miteff
    I previously purchased the candle maker 2.0 and liked how easy to use. I then ordered another one the candle maker plus now I can make more candles. I'm not to sure about the waxes I tried just yet but I like to experiment. This little machine makes it so easy and fun to make candles. I thought the typical candle making was to messy for my liking so this was a good alternative. Love these little units.
  • The Candle Maker +Plus
    Starter Pack
    by Valerie Jean
    This candle maker is not only easy to use but makes the process a breeze, it’s like the rice cooker of candles just set it and let the machine do the rest! It’s perfect for my needs at home as I entertain the idea of selling candles. The candles come out great each time and less stressful then standing over a stove or constantly stirring. I would highly recommend this for beginners or those who enjoy their own homemade candles.
  • The Candle Maker +Plus The Candle Maker +Plus by Jennifer tejeiro
    Love this unit, I have two but the plus is super cause it gets hot enough to put in fragrance and get a good hot throw.
  • The Candle Maker +Plus The Candle Maker +Plus by Georgia Smith
    Make candle making so easy.
  • The Crafter Candle Maker The Candle Maker | Crafter Edition
    Starter Pack
    by Michele Foster
    I received my product about a week ago after seeing it on Tiktok. I absolutely was eager to use it. The thing I like most is, it does everything by itself besides you having to add the ingredients. Other than I can work on other things while that is mixing. I just wish I had a bigger one or more than 1. Great product overall. Satisfied
  • The Candle Maker +Plus
    Starter Pack
    by Jasmine
    I love this and everything about it. I am new to candle making and this gives my kids the opportunity to help me and they love it as well. We picked an amazing fragrance too, wish it was bulk because everything was amazing. I’d definitely recommend.
  • The Candle Maker +Plus The Candle Maker +Plus by Shelley Foster
    I love my Chandler & Me Candlemaker! It works great for my paraffin wax. Makes it so easy and fun. I highly recommend to everyone. I will be buying another machine soon.

I started, more like attempted candle making in June (this year-2021). After months and months of YouTube videos, reading candle making blogs, following candle supply stores IG and FB pages, I still could not get “candle making” right. After hundreds of candles I have made, I can remember only one giving me the hot throw that I desired. Four months later, I stumbled upon the “Chandler and Me” candle maker and it is the absolute best invention/product in the entire world. The very first candle I made on this candle maker came out PERFECT!!!! I recommend this for any beginner. This candle maker is AMAZING!!!!

Shunnique Verfell

Shunnique VerfellOctober 2021

“When I tell you game changer. It does all the work really, all I have to do is wait for the beep to add fragrance oil and pour. That’s it’s it. It does the stirring and mixing for me. This is also great to travel with because of it’s small size. I can make candles else where if I need to. Love it so much, I had to wait for a restock to order another one!”

Bibian Thony

Bibian ThonySeptember 2021

“My candle maker is everything! Love it so much I bought 2 so I can make candles with friends and family!”

Leslie Connell Torres

Leslie Connell TorresSeptember 2021

It’s very handy to make small batches or samples or wax melts.The functionality is great, I would buy it again and buying the big pitcher is recommended.
Candles come out smooth.

N Singer

N SingerSeptember 2021

Had a fabulous instructive & inspiring class and got to bring home my Chandler & Me Candle machine. I have used it so much since getting it and absolutely love it. Great too for helping children to make their own candles as so safe and easy.

Barbara G

Barbara GJune 2020

I bought this gorgeous little candle maker not knowing if it would do what it promised (I thought it was too good to be true) but it makes candle making so easy. Its quick, clean and makes the whole process so easy. My friends saw the candles and melts I made so I have ordered another two for them. Very happy customer!

Carol Trianto

Carol TriantoJune 2020

Great robust machine. Candle making has been easy and stress free… I have made a lot of candles and melts with the Chandler & Me. Put your SOY wax in push start and it buzzes at each stage to add fragrance, then when it’s time to pour. Produces high quality scented candles and melts. Excellent for beginners. Buy this you’ll be glad you did. Fantastic invention for the price.

Masey C

Masey CApril 2020

With immense pleasure & delight I have recently purchased one of your amazing Chandler & Me Candle Making Machines. I am ecstatically thrilled with it, after making 10 new beautiful fragrant candles at home & for my home. It sooooooo easy to use. The results outstanding. A house is not a house without phenomenal fragrant, romantic, surreal candles burning. Thank you I am suitably impressed.

Christine Crook

Christine CrookAugust 2020

This is brilliant – what an amazing little device. I have NO experience in candle making but use ALOT of candles at home.  I have just done 6 candles today and am in love with how easy it is – the hardest part is choosing which fragrance to burn each night!  Another brilliant kiwi design.

Tracey Petrie

Tracey PetrieApril 2020

I’m in love with my unit. It’s the perfect size. I use this unit so much to make my massage candles. It’s definitely a game changer!!! Thank you Chandler & me for this unit and I’m happy I was introduced to it. It’s my absolutely favorite. Love it love it love it!


ShaySeptember 2021

I’m in love with this candle maker it’s so convenient, quick and easy to use. Makes a perfect candle and few wax melts every time!


JenniferSeptember 2021

Love my candle maker. My son Ari bought it as a birthday gift. Best present I have ever received and I’m having fun making the candles.
Great gift ideas as well for friends etc xxxx

Athena Glaros

Athena GlarosJuly 2020

Fantastic service. I received my Candle Maker quickly and had my first candle made within half an hour of receiving it and have made many more since. I’ve been making candles for a few years now but will be using the Candle Maker from now on. It’s so easy to use and clean up is an absolute breeze. Makes candle making very easy and more importantly safe to share with young people.

Andrea Alport

Andrea AlportMay 2020

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