How to care for your candles

How to care for your candles

There’s a right way and a wrong way to take care of your candles. This news may come as a surprise to some. After all, how much attention could one candle possibly need?

But the truth is, there are some steps you should be taking if you want to keep your candles in tip-top shape—and most of them are easy to incorporate into your routine.

Here are some top tips:

The First Burn

The first burn is the most important in a candle and you must burn the candle until the wax melts across the entire surface and out to the sides of the candle container, it’s also important to ensure you have a wax pool of about a 1cm too. The reason we do this is to prevent tunnelling and to give you an even burn for the duration of the candle’s life. It will take between 2-4 hours so make sure you have the time before you light the candle.

Trim your Wick

Trimming your wick every time you light your candle is very important especially if you want to get the most out of your candle. The wick only needs to be approximately 5mm in length and keeping it this length will also avoid mushrooming which can result in black soot when you first light.

Keep your Wax Clean

It’s important to keep your wax pool clean and free of any debris including wick trimmings, matches and any dust. This will not only make the candle look nice it will also allow for a cleaner burn.

Extinguishing a Candle

We are all used to blowing out birthday candles with our mouths but this is not the best method for your soy wax candle. To extinguish a candle it is best to use a snuffer as this starves the wick of oxygen and puts the flame out without excessive smoking or wax splattering!

Candle Burn Time

All candles have an approximate burn time and it’s important not to let your candle burn down to the bottom. It is advised that you leave approx 10mm of wax in the bottom of the jar as the flame needs a solid base of wax to avoid over heating the glass jar.

How to Store Your Candles

It is best to store your candles in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. Using a lid can also protect your candle from dust.

How to Clean Candles

If your candle does get dirty with dust or fingerprints you can gently rub the surface with a piece of nylon or a soft cloth. The cloth can be dry or slightly dampened with water

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