The Art of Candle Making

Art of Candle Making_Chandler and Me

The Art of Candle Making

Candle Making, Back in the Day

A chandler is an expert in making candles. Back in the day, villagers would go to their local chandler to pick up their candles. In those days, candles had a more practical use, lighting homes. These days, most of us use candles in an emergency when the electricity goes down, or when we wish to create more atmosphere in our homes. We light a candle because we enjoy the flicker of the flame and enjoy seeing its shadow on the wall. The soothing sight helps us relax, in the bath or on the couch, after a long day at work. More recently, we light a candle to simply change the smell of a room. Perhaps we want it to smell cleaner or we want it to feel warm and relaxing. At other times we want to hide the smell of cooking.

Over the last 10 years, the popularity of home candle-making has sky-rocketed. We’ve seen many hobbyists purchasing wax and thermometers and wicks and then various pots and pans, all in the name of producing the perfect candle. Rather like brewing beer the art of candle making requires a certain degree of science, accuracy and patience. Results can be haphazard at times, because various factors, which seem inconsequential,  can severely affect the final outcome.

Take for instance the relationship between wax, jar, wick and fragrance. Some fragrances burn hotter than others and therefore require a differently sized wick. The relationship between wick and jar volume is an important one too. The wick needs to be sized both in length and diameter for the size of the jar being used. Get it wrong, and the quality of the candle is affected – and that means how it burns and how it throws out its fragrance. Various waxes melt in different ways. Some have additives in them which affect how they combine and mix with fragrances, whilst others are simply made from different ingredients and therefore have different characteristics.

Candle Making, Made Easier

At Chandler and Me, we recognised that many people found it hard to make their own candles. Devoted hobbyists were prepared to put in the time and energy, but those who wanted to simply have a go, quickly fell by the wayside, disillusioned with how hard it was to get good results.

We created The Candle Maker so people didn’t need to invest in a mountain of gear to make candles. We developed complete candle making kits, with all the elements tested to work together, so that we could be sure our customers got consistently amazing results. We designed a range of jars that we thought people would like and we approached the very best fragrance suppliers in the USA to develop a range of bespoke scents that would match the very best available in retail stores today!

Chandler and Me was born, and suddenly the home candle maker can enjoy making candles with no fuss or mess, creating amazing natural soy candles in just 20 minutes.

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