Start making candles the easy way with professional results!

Choose from two models of The Candle Maker; each available with or without ingredients. If you are a novice and want great results without any hassle or fuss then go for the starter pack with ingredients. If you know what you are doing and understand the science and formulas behind the recipes then you might just want the bare unit. Can’t decide which model is best for you? Check out this handy Features and Compatibility Chart


Recent Reviews

  • The Candle Maker +Plus The +Plus | Bare Unit by Joanie Moore
    Have had mine for over 2 years and have made thousands of wax melts with it. I love how easy it is to use, I can put in wax and then walk away until it’s time for the next step..add fragrance and watch it stir for you! I love the pour pitcher and how easy it is to clean. Thank you for making my crafting experience easier.
  • The Candle Maker Plus Starter Pack The +Plus | Starter Pack by Jessica Hughes
    Absolutely love!! It's perfect , quick and easy candle making with no mess and it's super easy to clean afterwards , 100x recommend 😊
  • The Candle Maker Crafter Edition The Crafter | Bare Unit by Ledda
    Happy, it was my Christmas gift from me to me, creating our own candles is so easy now, I am super happy with this wonder 💕
  • The Candle Maker +Plus The +Plus | Bare Unit by Brittaney Evans
    I love the ease of use I was able to make tons of candles

Every candle is a delight

The Candle Maker has been pre-programmed to make the perfect candle every time with set temperatures and quality ingredients.
It's so easy to refill your candle jars with The Candle Maker. Simply clean out your jar and make a new candle, saving you money...and the environment!
Our fragrances are highly purified oils specifically for candles and guaranteed to be 100% Phthalate free, not tested on animals and paraffin free.