Start making candles the easy way with professional results!

Choose from two models of The Candle Maker; each available with or without ingredients. If you are a novice and want great results without any hassle or fuss then go for the starter pack with ingredients. If you know what you are doing and understand the science and formulas behind the recipes then you might just want the bare unit. Can’t decide which model is best for you? Check out this handy Features and Compatibility Chart


Recent Reviews

  • The Crafter Candle Maker The Crafter | $ CLEARANCE SALE DEAL $ by Gee Leigh salter
    Best thing ever for candle recipe creation and testing. No need to get big melter out. This works beautifully.
  • The Crafter Candle Maker The Crafter | $ CLEARANCE SALE DEAL $ by Linda Chell
    Came cracked, now what? My Granddaughter was so upset
  • The Crafter Candle Maker The Crafter | $ CLEARANCE SALE DEAL $ by J Polson
    So easy to use and great results! Love the candle I made with the kit.
  • The Candle Maker by Gail Allinson
    I’m a hobbyist who makes candles for myself and as gifts for family and friends. I’ve been using the double boiler method for a couple of years and have perfected my basic soy wax recipe. I just finished making my Christmas candles using the candle maker. It’s like a dream. It is so easy. I’m impressed by the thought and engineering that went into it. I was able to make my usual candles with it and they are flawless. Also, the pitcher is really high quality. It pours easily with no drips. It is very easy to clean. The only question I ask myself is what took me so long? Amazing product.

Every candle is a delight

The Candle Maker has been pre-programmed to make the perfect candle every time with set temperatures and quality ingredients.
It's so easy to refill your candle jars with The Candle Maker. Simply clean out your jar and make a new candle, saving you money...and the environment!
Our fragrances are highly purified oils specifically for candles and guaranteed to be 100% Phthalate free, not tested on animals and paraffin free.