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  • In the first quarter, when you sign up, you'll receive a candle jar and lid plus 3 refill packs. This is enough to make your first candle and refill it twice more.
  • In subsequent deliveries you will receive 3 refill packs, each with a different fragrance.
  • Each refill pack contains a pre-measured bag of wax, a pre-measured bottle of fragrance, a wick, a wick holder, and a fragrance label.
  • The delivery fee is also included in your subscription, there is no extra to pay.
  • On sign up you will be emailed your 10% coupon code valid for further kits and accessories. This is valid for as long as you are a Club member.

Under normal operating conditions your unit should make a light "whirring" sound while stirring but sometimes it can make a louder jamming noise. This does not necessarily mean the unit is faulty.

Here are some common scenarios that cause a noisy stirrer;

  • Overloading wax! This is a very common cause, do not overload the stirrer by packing the pitcher full of dry wax. If melting the maximum capacity of your pitcher you must always feed in the wax flakes about 1/4 of a pitcher at a time. If necessary, run the melt phase twice.
  • Sometimes, even under normal load, a hard flake of wax can get stuck under the magnetic stirrer and cause a temporary jam which sounds worse then it really is. This does not damage the unit and once the wax flake melts the noise should abate.
  • Sometimes the magnets in the stirrer don't quite align with those in the base unit. Rotating or repositioning the pitcher on the element (without lifting it off) will often solve the problem.
  • Occasionally the magnetic stirrer in your pitcher is not calibrated correctly, in this case we will need to bring the unit in for calibration or replacement.

If you are experiencing a noisy stirrer that won't go away please contact us by email and we will help you out.

The small pitcher that ships with The Candle Maker can hold up to 16 fl oz of melted wax. This equates to approximately 13 oz of soy wax flakes.

The large pitcher that is sold as an accessory can hold up to 32 fl oz of melted wax. This equates to approximately 27 oz of soy wax flakes.

Tip! If you are planning to melt the maximum amount of soy wax in either size pitcher you must feed in the wax flakes bit by bit. Melt some and add some. Do not compress or push the wax into the jug because overloading in this way can cause the stirrer to jam.


No, you don’t need any other equipment to make a candle using the Candle Maker appliance. Everything you need to make beautiful scented soy candles is supplied in the Candle Maker Starter Pack, as well as in our Candle Making and Refill Packs. 

All the basic temperatures are pre-programmed, and the unit has a built in thermometer, but down the track you might consider buying a separate thermometer if you plan to try different recipes and ingredients. 


Nope, none at all. The Candle Maker is so safe and easy to use even children can have fun making candles (under supervision). If you are using our pre-measured ingredients packs then all the calculations and formulas are already done for you. If not then you have some homework to do to work out your own recipes 🙂


We recommend that you use our ingredients and kits for near perfect results however we understand that you may want to experiment with your own recipes’. That's OK but please take note of the following guidelines;

Temperatures: All wax manufacturers have varying recommendations for the temperature at which you should add fragrance and the temperature at which you should pour your wax. You’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised at just how well the unit copes with a broad range of vegetable waxes available however for best results you may well need to check these temperatures manually using your own thermometer.

What you can safely use for candle making: Soy wax | Pillar wax | Coconut wax | Blends of all of these.
What you can also try: The above waxes blended with paraffin or beeswax are likely to be OK but we haven’t tried them all.
What we don’t recommend: We do not recommend the unit for 100% beeswax or paraffin unless you have the V2 unit with high heat mode. 

Other projects/ingredients that The Candle Maker can be useful for: We have customers using the machine to make lip balms, body butters (think Shea butter, avocado oil) and Melt ‘n’ Pour soap.

Please note: The ingredients kits that are supplied by Chandler & Me are carefully pre-measured and pre-tested to work perfectly every time, saving you the hassle of working out your own recipes.


Please understand that we cannot vouch for the look or performance of your candles if you use your own ingredients and we do not offer technical support for other ingredients; for example the wick that is supplied in our kits will not work in any other jar unless it is exactly the same diameter and volume.

Check your warranty: Using The Candle maker with ingredients other than those mentioned, or for a use other than what the unit is designed for (which is making small batches of candles at home) will void your warranty.


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