Fragrance at heart

With the power to lift your mood, ignite a beautiful memory, or simply freshen a room; fragrance is at the heart of what we do here at Chandler & Me. Our range of oils are created from highly purified combinations of fragrance notes carefully blended to deliver a premium scent that will enhance your environment.

All of our fragrance oils have been thoroughly tested in our Chandlery to work perfectly in our ingredients packs and kits. Our oils are Phthalate free, free of UV inhibitors, do not contain paraffin, and have not been tested on animals.

Browse the collection (hover over each picture to see the fragrance notes) and add your favorite oils when you buy our refill packs and candle making kits.
Please note that we do not sell oils separately, only in our kits and packs.

Minted Blueberry Fragrance OilMinted BluberryTop notes: ripe blueberry, wild mint, lemon peel Mid notes: nutmeg, raspberry, white flowers Dry notes: cedar, sandalwood, fruity musk, white patchouli
Mimosa & Cardamom Fragrance OilMimosa & CardamomTop notes: bergamot, white flowers, orange zest Mid notes: mimosa blossom, cyclamen, lilac Dry notes: cardamom, vetiver, vanilla bean, musk, white cedar
Vanilla Fragrance OilVanillaTop Notes: Ylang ylang, orris, lemon Mid Notes: French vanilla, apricot, tonka, milk notes Dry Notes: Sandalwood, jasmine, white musk
Blushed Peony Fragrance OilBlushed PeonyTop Notes: cassis, bergamot, pink grapefruit Mid notes: peony, cashmere, lilac, clove bud, geranium Dry notes: amber, patchouli, sandalwood, light musk
Woodsage and Seasalt Fragrance OilWoodsage & SeasaltTop notes: white thyme, bergamot, pink pepper Mid notes: violet leaf, neroli, white amber Dry notes: French vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, sage
Peach & Currant Fragrance OilPeach & CurrantTop Notes: bergamot, white peach, orange zest, pink citron, currant Mid: tonka bean, rose oxide, ylang ylang, leafy greens, calone Dry: sandalwood, white cedar, sandalwood, sweet musk
Amazon Falls Fragrance OilAmazon FallsTop notes: mineral water, crisp apple, bergamot, pink freesia Mid notes: calone, lush leafy greens, orchid, jasmine, cyclamen Dry notes: clear musk, white cedar, galbanum
White Pepper & Lime Fragrance OIlWhite Pepper & LimeTop Notes: lime, bergamot, coconut milk Mid Notes: white pepper, elemi, clove bud, tonka, carnation Dry Notes: charcoal, white cedar, sheer leather, light patchouli, vanilla bean, sandalwood, golden amber
Cupid's Kiss Fragrance OilCupid's KissTop Notes: Cherry, sweet apple, cantaloupe Mid Notes: Ginger, lime, cinnamon, nutmeg Dry Notes: Angelica, light musk, bay tree
Lemongrass & Ginger Fragrance OilLemongrass and GingerTop Notes: lemon, almond paste Mid Notes: milky notes, nutmeg Dry Notes: vanilla cream, sandalwood
French Pear Fragrance OilFrench PearTop Notes: Green apple, white lily, osmanthus Mid Notes: Midnight jasmine, nashi pear Dry Notes: Tonka, davana, cinnamon, whipped cream, vanilla, thistle honey
Fresh Linen Fragrance OilFresh LinenTop Notes: chamomile, lemon zest, bergamot, green tea leaf, blonde tobacco Mid Notes: tonka bean, calone, white pepper, cyclamen, sheer leather, ylang yang Dry Notes: vanilla, cashmere musk, sandalwood, white cypress
Coconut & Lime Fragrance OilCoconut & LimeTop Notes: Antilles lime, lemon palm, freesia, white bergamot Mid Notes: Coconut water, sugarcane, dragonfruit Dry Notes: Vetiver, bourbon vanilla
Havana Nights Fragrance OilHavana NightsTop Notes: Orange, bergamot, coconut water Mid Notes: Cashmere wood, jasmine, raspberry, geranium Dry Notes: Cedarwood, ambergris, tonka bean, patchouli, tobacco flower
Avocado & Mint Fragrance OilAvocado & MintTop Notes: Lemon, orange, mint leaf. Mid Notes: Avocado, cyclamen, clove leaf, geranium, sage. Dry Notes: Vanilla, amber, leafy greens
Sandalwood Spice Fragrance OilSandalwood SpiceTop Notes: Lime, grapefruit, bergamot. Mid Notes: Marshmallow, white patchouli, cashmere. Dry Notes: Cedar, amber, vanilla, white sandalwood
Lazy Days Fragrance OilLazy DaysTop Notes: Citrus, berries Mid Notes: Apple, white floral Dry Notes: Light musk, exotic woods
Blackberry & Bayleaf Fragrance OilBlackberry & BayleafTop Notes: grapefruit, bay leaf, cassis Mid Notes: blackberry, raspberry, clove bud, neroli Dry Notes: sandal, amber, vetiver
Mandarin & Basil Fragrance OilMandarin & BasilTop Notes: Lime, basil, mandarin, orange zest Mid Notes: Black pepper, geranium, lilac, thyme Dry Notes: Moss, patchouli, musk, white cedar
French Lavender Fragrance OilFrench LavenderTop Notes: Bergamot, lavender Mid Notes: Clary sage, French lavender, cinnamon leaf Dry Notes: French vanilla, galbanum, rosewood, cadewood
Prosecco Vibes Fragrance OilProsecco VibesTop Notes: Pink ginger, freesia, white thyme, orange Mid Notes: Pink peony, sea water, calone, marshmallow Dry Notes: Sweet musk, sandalwood, cedar, moss
Pink Grapefruit Fragrance OilPink GrapefruitTop Notes: sea salt, pink grapefruit, pink ginger, apple, lemon zest Mid Notes: lily of the valley, black pepper, mimosa flower, clary sage Dry Notes: amber, cedar, vanilla bean
Noel Fragrance OilNoelTop Notes: orange zest, fresh accord, green notes Mid Notes: cinnamon, clove, apple Dry Notes: tonka, cedar, fir
Fig & Coconut Fragrance OilFig & CoconutTop Notes: Green, milky notes Mid Notes: Coconut, heliotrope, fig leaf Dry Notes: Vanilla bean, coconut amber
Lemon & Rosemary Fragrance OilLemon & RosemaryTop Notes: lemon, freesia, lime, rosemary Mid Notes: jasmine, mimosa, violet leaf Dry Notes: vetiver, musk, ambergris
Citronella Fragrance OilCitronellaTop Notes: Lemon, bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile Mid Notes: Lavender, lavindin, geranium, copaiba balsam Dry Notes: Fir needle, rosemary, marjoram, thyme
Angel Charms Fragrance OilAngel CharmsTop Notes: Citron, grapefruit, bergamot Mid Notes: Sparkling cinnamon, geranium Dry Notes: Vanilla, sandalwood, musk
Apple Zest Fragrance OilApple ZestTop Notes: Bitter orange, green mandarin Mid Notes: Crisp green apple, red apple Dry Notes: Oak leaf, sweet grass, blue sage
Hocus Pocus Fragrance OilHocus PocusTop Notes: Wild cherry and crisp green apples Mid Notes: Citrus, jelly candies and gummies Low Notes: Musk, vanilla and sandalwood
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