Candle Club

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions relating to our Candle Club.

Variety is the spice of life! Candle Club is all about trying new fragrances and getting a nice surprise on your doorstep every quarter. So, at present, there is not the option to customize your quarterly delivery.
However this could become a feature if there is demand for it.

No, not at all! You can cancel at any time from your account dashboard. However you will lose your VIP discount privileges and depending on when you cancel you may incur a fee equivalent to the cost of sending you the same goods were you not in the Club.
For example: If you sign up and receive your first subscription for $36 and then cancel, we would charge you the balance of that delivery as follows....
1 x Candle Kit @ $12.90
2 x refill kits @ 9.90 = $ 19.80
1 x shipping fee @ $18.50
Total equivalent cost $51,20
Less subscription fee paid $36.00
Fee = $15.20
(prices are for example purposes and subject to change)

There is no fee to cancel after 12 months.

  • In the first quarter, when you sign up, you'll receive a candle jar and lid plus 3 refill packs. This is enough to make your first candle and refill it twice more.
  • In subsequent deliveries you will receive 3 refill packs, each with a different fragrance.
  • Each refill pack contains a pre-measured bag of wax, a pre-measured bottle of fragrance, a wick, a wick holder, and a fragrance label.
  • The delivery fee is also included in your subscription, there is no extra to pay.
  • On sign up you will be emailed your 10% coupon code valid for further kits and accessories. This is valid for as long as you are a Club member.
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